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Thermal PTZ

Thermal PTZ

  • IP Dual Sensor Thermal PTZ Camera

    Dual Sensor Camera. Un cooled Micro bolometer. Vision Resolution 1080P, Thermal Resolution D1. Sensitivity 50mK. Color mode Black-Heat /White-Heat/Rainbow/Iron-Red. 60mm lens. Vision Optical Zoom 30X. Infrared detection wavelength 8-14um. Support DVE image Enhance.

  • IP Thermal Imaging PTZ Camera

    Uncooled IRFPA Microbolometer. Temperature detection. Vision Resolution 1080P, Thermal Resolution D1. Sensitivity 50mK. 25/35/50mm lens Optional. Vision Optical Zoom 22x. Infrared detection wavelength 8-14um. Color mode Black-Heat /White-Heat/Rainbow/Iron-Red. Support DVE image Enhance.


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