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APC Singlemode Fast Connector

Norden fast connectors are factory pre-polished, field-installable connectors that completely eliminate the need for hand polishing in the field. These fast connectors are compa ..

E2000 Connector

E2000 CONNECTOR Norden E2000 features a latch lever locking mechanism to prevent accidental disconnection. It is designed to work in today’s telecommunicatio ..

FC Connector

FC CONNECTOR Norden FC connector is comprised of a Nickel plated Brass body and a Ceramic ferrule/spring/crimp barrel assembly plus a crimp over sleeve and rubber boot. This ..

LC Connector

LC CONNECTOR Norden LC connector is comprised of a Polymer body and a Ceramic ferrule/spring/crimp barrel assembly plus a crimp over sleeve and rubber boot. This c ..

MTRJ Connector

Norden MTRJ connector is capable of terminating any 125μm fibre, designed to terminate two fibres within a single connector,reduces the risk of operator error when inter-conn ..

SC Connector

Norden SC connector is a push pull type, gives an audible click when mates into its adaptor and can be tuned in 4 positions to provide the lowest insertion loss. It co ..

ST Connector

Norden ST connector features a bayonet locking mechanism to reduce the risks of accidental disconnection of fibre connections. This connector is comprised of a Nickel ..